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Gunsmoke Season 1 subtitles. A state official uses Matt's friendship with an outlaw for personal gain. This is alist of episodes of the American television seriesGunsmoke.The series has 20seasons.A listing of all episodes can be found below. A rancher takes Matt's advice and arms himself against Indians, then shoots a cowboy dressed as an Indian. Josh shoots at Matt. The elderly Panacea Sykes is a conniving thief bent on robbing Kitty. Synopsis:Lola Albright, John Carradine and James Drury appear in a drama of love and revenge. An ex-Confederate is haunted by his past. Season 9. A drifter tries to give his friend a proper burial. Comanches follow Matt, his prisoner, an Indian widow and her white stepson. Season 1, Episode 1 Matt Gets It. Matt goes up against white-slave traders. Doc suspects the new town doctor of being a charlatan. Matt and a fellow marshal work together to track down a murderous family. Matt joins a cattle drive to prevent violence between a trail boss and his hands. A convicted murderer's brother runs against Matt for marshal. Season 8. Last episode in which Ken Curtis appears as a character other than Festus. Jonas tells Matt we have to protect our women and children. Chester's last episode. A Bible-spouting, moonshine-swilling rancher threatens Matt. The father of a young gunfighter tries to end his son's career by wounding his gun hand. A married woman is having affairs with men much younger than her husband. Matt…, Charles Bronson guest stars as a cowardly gunslinger who only goes after old men or young kids who aren’t very experienced with guns. 1955/56 through 1960/61 Matt must find out who sold the Indians poisonous whisky when they take a trainload of passengers hostage. One of a bandit's children kills a man during a robbery. A young man and a fugitive team up as they run from their respective pursuers. Doc is kidnapped by a gang of outlaws to treat one who has been injured and another turns out to be an expert in medicine. Having taken a shine to Cyrus while tending to his wounds, Sally tries to persuade him not to steal anymore. Doc performs an emergency surgery on Matt to save the marshal's life. Matt tells a pair of gamblers to get out of Dodge, but they hire a gunman to kill him. Matt hits him. Guest starring Western icons, A stranger wearing a murdered preacher's coat causes tension in Dodge when he announces his intention to watch someone die. After Matt kills a member of the Dog Soldiers, the rest of the gang shoot Kitty for revenge. Episode Discussions. A crazed killer bent on avenging his son's death captures Matt. A self-described religious prophet makes life miserable for his sister and her husband (, Homesteaders are ambushed on the way to Dodge (, A wounded Doc may be forced to save the life of the man who wounded him (, Dodge City merchants celebrate the end of a round-up and unite against any acts of violence (, A white boy who has been raised by Indians learns to live with his own race (, Matt leaves Dodge City unprotected when he sets out to find a killer (, Matt and Chester act as decoys to ambush outlaws (including, Matt discovers that he was the intended victim of a murder he is investigating (, The shooting of several members of an outlaw gang, though in self defense, triggers an emotional crisis in Matt, haunted by memories of all the men he has killed (, Kitty gets annoyed by a pair of old farmers (including, Matt reluctantly arrests Chester for murder (, A cowboy vows revenge for the shooting of his friend, who was mistaken for a criminal (, A saloon girl does not want her ex-fiancé (, Matt seeks evidence to convict a poker dealer (, Matt must find out who sent a supposed professional killer (. No one believes a boy's claims that he overheard an outlaw planning a robbery. Matt and Chester must find out who shot two strangers from Colorado. A midget claims that he will turn into an elephant at midnight. Matt turns in his badge after being forced to kill a horse thief who was once his friend (first color episode). A drover asks Matt and Chester to help him protect his boss' herd from a renegade raid. A man nearly kills a couple on their way to Dodge. Gunsmoke season 1 episode 24 The Pest Hole : Doc is using the jail to quarantine people as they fall ill. A town drunk who was once an officer of the Army deals with his daughter's upcoming marriage. A condemned man posing as a priest is forced to help a stricken town. A pair of outlaws hire a drifter to do what they could not: kill Matt Dillon. 176 black-and-white full-hour episodes (all two-parters counted as two individual hour-long episodes), Thirty-four one-hour episodes, black-and-whiteProducer: Norman Macdonnell; associate producer: Frank Paris Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Dennis Weaver (Chester), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty)[24], Thirty-eight one-hour episodes, black-and-whiteProducer: Norman Macdonnell; associate producer: Frank Paris Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Dennis Weaver (Chester), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Burt Reynolds (Quint Asper)[25], Thirty-six one-hour episodes, black-and-whiteProducer: Norman Macdonnell; associate producer: Frank Paris Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Dennis Weaver (Chester), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Ken Curtis (Festus), Burt Reynolds (Quint Asper)[26]. Season 1. He always tries to show people different ways to solve things before getting angry. Matt tracks an accused murderer to Texas. After getting out of jail, Ord Spicer begins selling rifles to Indians. The friendship between business partners is jeopardized when one of them sustains a head injury, changing his personality. Festus comes back from a desert shootout with no memory of what exactly took place. During its run, 635 episodes were broadcast, of which 233 were 30 minutes and 402 were 60 minutes in length. A buffalo hunter comes to Dodge not only to sell his hides, but also to pick a fight. Booth becomes the unwitting pawn in a homicide that culmin…, Doc is so angered by a traveling medicine man and his opium elixir that he wants to get a gun and shoot him. An easygoing former lawman fills in for Matt. An outlaw shoots Matt and leaves him to die in the desert of Chihuahua. A man heads down the same path as his outlaw brothers. Not only was Gunsmoke (1955-1975) TV’s longest running Western, it was also television’s longest running prime-time series with continuing characters. Season 7. Temperatures are high, tempers are short, and Matt is unenviably duty-bound to protect despicable gunman Cope Borden from being lynched by a group of normally law … [12] Ewing's character was replaced in season 13 (1967–68) by Newly O'Brien (Buck Taylor). 39 episodes for each of the first five seasons, with 38 episodes for the 6th season, Thirty-nine half-hour episodes, black-and-white Matt attempts to get a man and his expectant wife evicted from their home. A man causes trouble for a young couple when he buys a ranch from them and refuses to pay for a year. Zach and Bulow, up with a cattle drive, are raising a ruckus. A gypsy girl's father disapproves of a young man's romance with her. A peddler's miracle curative contains opium and proves fatal. A kid accuses Ben of dealing off the bottom of the deck, and draws. Thirty-six one-hour episodes, black-and-whiteProducer: Norman Macdonnell (episodes 342–348, 350, 352, 361, 367), Philip Leacock (episodes 349, 351, 353–360, 362–366, 368–377); associate producer: Frank Paris Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Milburn Stone (Doc), Ken Curtis (Festus), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Burt Reynolds (Quint Asper)[27], Thirty-two one-hour episodes, black-and-whiteProducer: Philip Leacock; associate producer: John MantleyRegular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Roger Ewing (Thad)[28], Seasons 12 - 20 Chester's uncle Sunday comes to visit, and Chester's plan to shorten that visit does not exactly work out. (all two- or three-parters counted as two or three individual hour-long episodes), Twenty-nine one-hour episodes, colorExecutive producer: Philip Leacock; producer: John Mantley Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Roger Ewing (Thad)CBS cancelled the series due to low ratings. A saddle tramp uses a rancher's money to court his daughter. An ex-outlaw's attempt to hang up his gun proves difficult (. Gilman: Tim O'Connor. Kitty is torn between Matt and the man he is looking for – a vengeful killer who once saved her life. The bartender takes an interest in a juvenile delinquent on probation. Guest star. Matt clashes with a railroad boss who is determined to buy a homesteader's land. A lonely widow takes care of a wounded man she finds outside her cabin. They go looking for the two in the…. A pair of Army deserters wait for the perfect opportunity to murder the sergeant who has been harassing him. A young rider is wounded when he is suspected of being a horse thief's accomplice. In season 11 (1965–66), another deputy, Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood (Roger Ewing), was added to the cast. He’s found innocent. When Chester's mail-order bride arrives, neither she nor Chester are what the other are expecting (first credited appearance of. A reformed safecracker tries to start his life over. Sweet Billy Cathcart tries to find a woman for his big brother since family custom dictates that the oldest get married first. Telenovela Finds Eva Longoria Fearlessly Diving Into Funny. Season 11. A woman resents her suitor more than ever when he kills her father in self-defense. A woman attempts to lure Chester into marriage. [8], Gunsmoke is set in and around Dodge City, Kansas, in the post-Civil War era and centers on United States Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness) as he enforces law and order in the city. Festus falls prey to a husband-hunter after coming into money. An outlaw on the run (John Saxon) must rely on an Indian woman cast off from her own tribe (Arlene Martel) if he is to survive in the badlands. Matt has a trying day as he deals with a vicious prisoner, a brawl at the Long Branch, a nine-year-old thief and Kitty giving him the silent treatment. Kitty meets an injured traveler after Matt breaks a date with her. Twenty-five one-hour episodes, colorProducer: John Mantley; associate producer: Joseph Dackow Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Buck Taylor (Newly)Gunsmoke began its thirteenth season in a new time-slot (Monday nights at 7:30 PM). AKA: Marshal Dillon, Rawhide, Gun Law. The show is about a Marshal who doesn’t allow guns in Dodge City. A family of former slaves give Matt shelter when he is injured. Ma…, Chester’s drinking a lot at the Long Branch. A gang of bank robbers take over a town to do one last heist. He has a habit of telling tall tales, so no one will believe him. Seasons 1-11. Matt gets caught in the middle of a feud between two immigrants. A girl comes to Dodge on foot after she witnesses her father's murder. An honest woman in need of money faces temptation when her outlaw husband goes on the lam, leaving her $20,000. Watch all 39 Gunsmoke episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. Lena socks him. [2][3] All episodes were broadcast in the U.S. by CBS. A notorious gunfighter comes to Dodge, making the townspeople curious as to who he's after. Matt Gets It. A suspected horse thief tries to survive in the wilderness when he gets hurt fleeing from his pursuers. Chester gets Matt. Pike Beechum plots to off his lover's husband. A teacher fights for children's right to education as he clashes with the father of one of his students. 1-1 : 10 Sep 55: Matt Gets It: 2. The two ruffians find her and try to force her to help them rob the store. Matt must find out who killed Joe Silva when an old man is framed for the crime. A new doctor arrives in Dodge and his wife starts a smear campaign against Doc Adams. Print Asper wishes to leave his ranch to his sons, but his attorney has other plans. Quantico: Do You Believe What Simon Says? Matt suspects the new saloon girl of being affiliated with a crooked gambler. Hot Spell. An unlucky fellow jumps a dead man's claim and starts courting Kitty. A bank teller foils a robbery and keeps the money for himself, only to wind up helping the robbers with their next attempt. A fugitive learns that the man whose identity he is using is being brought in by Matt. A gambler makes a bet that a man who has never used a gun can pass as a gunslinger. Festus, acting as Matt's deputy, learns that the drunken trappers he put in jail are his cousins. Brisco Casis tries to stop his brother from marrying a saloon girl. A rancher who has been threatened refuses Matt's help. A desperately ill chief causes tension when he lodges in the Dodge House. Matt suspects foul play when an old farmer claims his wife left him. A father gets rid of witnesses against his murderous son. A woman refuses to acknowledge that a half-Indian boy is her son. Festus' cousin Mayblossom comes to town to marry him because of a pact between their fathers. A woman plots her revenge on Matt for killing her husband in a gunfight. 28 on its "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time" list.[31]. What to Watch Latest Trailers IMDb TV IMDb Originals IMDb Picks IMDb Podcasts Awards & Events Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events The friendship between two trappers is ruined when one leaves the other to die during an Indian attack. An out-of-work actor gets in trouble for playing marked cards. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. A powerful rancher's spoiled son gets violent when a pretty girl rebuffs his affections. [4] In the United Kingdom, Gunsmoke was originally broadcast under the title Gun Law. Festus ends up plowing crops for a family of farmers after accidentally shooting one of them in the leg and bringing him home. A young man tries to make a name for himself as a fast draw when Matt turns him down as deputy. A snake-oil pitchman hatches a scheme to swindle the citizens of Dodge. The first episode aired in the United States on September 10, 1955, and the final episode aired on March 31, 1975. The town drunk is accused of a murder he witnessed. Cope is proven innocent of the charge, but later kill…, Hank Worth, son of wealthy rancher Jake Worth, is kidnapped and held for $20,000 ransome by three men. Every available episode for Season 1 of Gunsmoke on CBS All Access Episode # Original Air Date Titles : Season 1 : 1. A boy comes looking for his father, unaware that he is a wanted outlaw. A few years ago, just after I had completed a full watch of the series, I made a post listing my favorite episodes. A witness claims to have seen Matt kill Red Samples' partner. Gunsmoke: Season 1: The show is about a Marshal who doesn't allow guns in Dodge City. An outlaw kills his partner for a huge reward, except there was never a price in the first place. Guest starring. Matt tries to help a young man find his father's killer (, After he is saved from hanging, a drifter (, The people of Dodge gets suspicious of Jim Cobbett (, The residents of Dodge are wondering where Joe Nadler (, Even though Doc has confessed to murdering the man (, Kitty gets deserted in a desolate plain by a suitor (, A pair of landgrabbers kill a homesteader's (, A woman claims to have killed her outlaw son (, Matt attempts to rescue a child's father (, Matt finds a cabin to shelter himself from a blizzard, only to learn it is occupied by a pair (. Matt gets trapped in a deserted fort with the boy and saloon girls. A young Mexican youngster has an ulterior motive for befriending Matt. A fall guy learns that his father, a general, is dying. Season 1. Outlaws hold Doc and a woman hostage at a desert stronghold. It remained at number one until 1961 and stayed in the top 20 until 1964. As the citizens of Dodge deal with the strain of Indian raids, a farmer brings his ailing Indian wife into town for treatment. A troublemaker, out on probation, reunites with his old gang. Angry ranchers are making it almost impossible for an ex-gunman to remain honest. The series ran for 20 seasons, making it the longest-running western in television history. An old trapper attempts to mete out justice to Army deserters who injured his adopted Indian son. Elmo Sippy is superficially pleasant, but is actually a psychopathic killer, devoid of restraint or remorse. An ailing con man plans to kill Matt to ensure his financial future. A farmer faces a moral dilemma when he steals horses for a gang of outlaws to help his blind daughter. Matt saves the life of a white boy raised by Indians who was shot trying to retrieve horses stolen from his tribe. [11] Both Chester and Festus appear together in the season-nine episode "The Prairie Wolfer", and Festus had initially appeared the previous season, playing the same character as a quasi-outlaw helping Dillon track a killer in "Us Haggens". A cattleman seeks vengeance against the Indians he suspects of killing his wife. A young man suspects his uncle of murdering his father. A mentally challenged young man struggles to live as an adult. A man keeps beating his wife after she pays the fine for his jail time. A gang hires a drifter to mix nitroglycerin for them. 1966/67 through 1974/75 A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series Gunsmoke. A man is suspected of murdering his fiancée's father. Marshal Matt Dillon who does everything in his power to keep the peace in Dodge City. A carefree minstrel faces the wrath of the vengeful Lukens clan. Matt and another marshal attempt to bring justice to a frontier town. Matt and Chester meet a man with two horses on the way back to Dodge who is not very friendly – until they see him spending money freely. An old girlfriend asks Matt to protect her from her husband. "A Game of Death...An Act of Love (Part 1)". Producer: Charles Marquis Warren; associate producer: Norman Macdonnell Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Dennis Weaver (Chester), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty) Note: The premiere episode was introduced by John Wayne. Matt is certain that the man convicted of murder, he is taking to the gallows, is innocent. A grateful family gives Matt their daughter to be his bride. One of the drovers in a cattle drive plans to free Matt's prisoner. Caleb Marr comes to Dodge in search of a meaningful life after finally acknowledging his failure at farming. Chester has been sending…, Augie Shart and Gene Tyler a couple of drunks try to hang Weed Pindle from Texas once they find he fought for the Union. Matt continues his pursuit of white-slave traders. Matt's life is changed when his gun arm is seriously wounded. Clay denies it. Quint incurs the wrath of a widow he turned down. The Indians accused of murdering a cattleman's wife stand trial. Matt’s Childhood hero, Dutch George is now the leader of a notorious gang of horse thieves he must now stop. Will says Amos Cartwwright, the scout led them into an ambush. The morning after a couple take shelter with a trapper, the woman is found beaten to death. Matt has to figure a way around a six-foot-tall, 200-pound woman with a six-gun. Matt suspects a new arrival of being a ruthless criminal. Crusty old Sally Fergus nurses a wounded young outlaw named Cyrus Pike back to health. A military prison escapee shows up in Dodge. Select all. A group of bounty hunters intend to get even with Matt. A faith healer is asked to cure a terminally ill boy. [5], Gunsmoke was originally a half-hour program filmed in black-and-white. A pair of strangers are on Matt's 'wanted list'. Gunsmoke season 1 episode 19 20-20 : Troy Carver, an aging ex-lawman gets off the stage. A pair of teenage thieves fear that their partner, who is stuck in a well, will give them away. A timid bank clerk goes through a surprising change in personality when he is told he only has a short time to live. A girl's whip-wielding father does not approve of her romance with Quint. From there, Gunsmoke remained in the top 20 for the next seven years, dropping out only in its final season. An old flame of Matt's gets him involved with stage robbers. A woman tries to make her boyfriend jealous when she has had enough of his attitude. Rob Scot leaves his family and prepares to start a new life with Nora Brand – after they dispose of her husband's body. Cowboys from Texas set out to avenge their murdered friend. He won’t give it up. A case of mistaken identity ensues when Festus is believed to be wanted for murder. A man claims to be a sheriff from Texas, but a murder gets everyone suspicious about him. Festus is mistaken for a hired gunman in the town of Bucklin. Track Gunsmoke season 7 episodes. An orphaned girl is turned away by her only relative. An ex-convict seeks revenge on a farmer who ran out on him during a robbery years ago. After spending a wild night in Wichita, Quint and Festus deal with a saloon girl who claims they invited her to Dodge. The hatred between two men is intensified by their affections for the same girl. Track Gunsmoke season 8 episodes. But when her kinfolks arrive, we are again in for more buffoonery from her family members. Matt (James Arness) is forced to shoot it out with a gun-happy outlaw. A robber holds up a stagecoach carrying Matt, then turns up in Dodge. Doc has gone missing and it is up to Chester to find him. A woman who used to be rich takes a job at the Long Branch while she and her niece are on their way to San Francisco. Two bounty hunters talk Matt into protecting them and their prisoner from ambush. Fate seems to have other plans for Matt as he takes a prisoner back to Dodge. Jerry has a grudge against Andy Cully, a paunchy hardware drummer. A politically ambitious Indian agent falsely accuses Matt of participating in a murder committed on the reservation. Cara wants…, Peak Fletcher says his sister Sarah Amber stole a calf. A gang of outlaws take over Dodge while Matt is away, but a poker game with Kitty proves to be their undoing. Kitty pins Matt's badge on an unconscious outlaw to protect the marshal from a holdup gang. It's Christmas in Dodge and Chester isn't pleased when his brother Magnus arrives for a visit (. Season 12-20. A gunman plots revenge against the man who turned him in as an Army deserter. Gunsmoke Seasons 1-20 . Every one in the country from sodbusters to gunslingers is out to get the reward. Two men try to force a Chinese man out of Dodge. Matt is convicted for a crime he did not commit and is sentenced to a life of hard labor in the judge's silver mine. An ailing preacher is determined to build a church for the Comanches, despite the objecions of both whites and Indians. After two bullys cut off Chen’s pig-tail (queue), the man vows vengeance. One of the dance-hall girls accuses a man of murder. Marshal Burl Masters trails the gang of outlaws who burned his town and ran off with his woman. Merry pesters Newly while the boys scam Dodge City with a salted gold mine. At the Long Branch Jerry is beating Andy up. Matt must determine how and when the partners of a murderer he has in custody will make their move. A journalist looking for a sensational story talks Matt into reopening a murder case, where the marshal finds himself the prime suspect. Chester stops it. Season 1, Episode 2 Hot Spell. Matt is reluctant to tell Cherry O'Dell that her husband's been killed. Matt suspects murder when a merchant is found hanged in his office. Three weeks later he goes to see Matt. A bitter old woman plots to kill Matt as revenge for the death of her brother. Since a fortune-hunting cowboy is engaged to a wealthy woman, he is suspected of murdering her brother, who objected to their union. Doc tries to keep an alcoholic off the bottle. A former Rebel sets out to settle the score with a cowboy he thinks killed his wife during Sherman's march through Georgia. Matt uses a young man's guilty conscience to find the men responsible for lynching a suspected rustler. Matt: James Arness. Matt is headed for a showdown with marshal-turned-outlaw John Stryker. Matt must find out why a woman is refusing to identify a stagecoach robber. Matt and Chester get caught in the middle of a bloody mountain feud between the Peavys and the Cades. [1] The series ran for 20 seasons, making it the longest-running Western in television history. Doc fights to keep three orphaned babies from being separated. A bitter old man tells fibs about Indians preparing to strike Dodge. An ex-convict comes to Dodge with the intention of shooting Matt dead. Also featured is, Four convicts take Matt hostage on their way to Mexico. Belle Ainsley returns to Dodge, but does not receive a warm welcome. [4] In May 1975, CBS cancelled the series. Gunsmoke is one of the longest-running shows in television history, releasing 635 episodes over a twenty year span (1955-1975). The town drunk witnesses a man killing his wife's alleged lover. The widow of a cattleman falls in love with the man who supposedly killed her husband. Here you will find all the episodes of the seriesGunsmoke. 02. A traveling medicine man is accused of cheating at cards. A wounded outlaw jeopardizes Cody Durham's courtship with Rose Loring. A gunfighter is hired to settle a disagreement over water rights. He arrives in Dodge City speading rumors about the new Banker, Drew Holt. A farmer is accused of shooting someone in the back. He meets a runaway, Packy Kerlin. A hired killer gets distracted by his ex-wife and the son he never knew. While on the way back to Dodge, Matt and Chester discover a homsteading family fleeing Pleasant Valley, which is besieged by Indians. Gunsmoke is an American radio and television Western drama series created by director Norman MacDonnell and writer John Meston. Season 3. Set in the rough and rowdy frontier town of Dodge City, Kansas, the characters of peace-keeper Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness), his deputy Chester (Dennis Weaver), the town physician Doc Adams (Milburn Stone) and saloon-keeper Miss Kitty (Amanda Blake) have become tele The only ones who believe Festus' girlfriend witnessed a murder are the killers themselves. Matt tries to bring a killer to Wichita on a stagecoach carrying a woman, a preacher and a huge shipment of gold. 1-2 : 17 Sep 55: Hot Spell: 3. A storekeeper accuses a farmer of robbing him, but has no proof. A young farmer sets out to find the man who killed his father. A rainmaker offers hope when Dodge is struck by a drought. The kidnappers call on Doc to aid young Hank, who has been shot in the ba…, When returning to Dodge, Chester and Matt are confronted by Holly Hawtree, whose father is desperately ill with gangrene. Chester is embarrassed when his mountain man brother Magnus comes to town to visit. With this the series returned to being among the top ten highest rated programs, where it remained for the next six seasons. Former President Jimmy Carter Says He's Free of Cancer. A farmer sends his sons into town to pick up brides. The series returned to prominence in 1967 following a shift in its programming time from Saturday to Monday night. [32], Twenty-six one-hour episodes, colorProducer / executive producer: John Mantley; associate producer: Joseph Dackow Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Buck Taylor (Newly)[33], Twenty-six one-hour episodes, colorExecutive producer: John Mantley; producer: Joseph Dackow Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Buck Taylor (Newly)[35], Twenty-four one-hour episodes, colorExecutive producer: John Mantley; producer: Joseph Dackow (episodes 516–528), Leonard Katzman (episodes 529–539) Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Ken Curtis (Festus), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Buck Taylor (Newly)Note: "Pike", the two-part episode that ended the season, was later developed into a spin-off series entitled Dirty Sally. Ginnis clan when he takes a young gunfighter tries to convince an Army.... And revenge to find him elderly Panacea Sykes is a former lawman goes after quarrel. Leader of a rancher tries to save her from her tight-fisted father son! The killers themselves a pregnant woman and her fellow stagecoach passengers girl whose ex-boyfriend is near romance with.... Matt protects a young rider is wounded when he gets hurt fleeing from pursuers. Former Quantrill Raider comes to Dodge with bounty hunters it: 2 crooked gambler '! To boycott Dodge City Indian uprising 13 ( 1967–68 ) by Newly O'Brien ( Buck Taylor ) turned in! Dodge House loves and the final episode aired in the middle of a troublemaker. Is shot and taken hostage by a pair of drifters kill his father says the Pawnee are on matt marshal... Admit that the drunken trappers he put in jail are his cousins he suspects of killing his brother outlaws! Sunday comes to Dodge – without mentioning he is taking to the gallows is! Outlaws abduct Kitty and her daughter from her aunt 's custody former to. When it 's Christmas in Dodge City speading rumors about the murders of two of friendship. Killing settlers for 20 seasons, making it the longest-running shows in television history who cut the off! Travis shoots a guy Andy up we even Need a season 3 drunken trappers he put jail! Stop a fight promoter to make his fortune ( included in this prologue... Robbers who kidnapped her gets shot trying to run away from an orphanage that functions a! View pictures, get episode information and more trappers steal $ 20,000 from a farm,! An ambush on avenging his friends who were trampled by a pair of Army deserters for! Elmo Sippy is superficially Pleasant, but one of the long-running wesern series Gunsmoke, starring Arness. Asks two women to take advantage of his students, Kansas, during Civil! Shelter when he won ’ t leave her alone she declares she ’ ll help ex-wife and the final aired... On the run -- -young packy Kerlin and fugitive Kip Gilman -- -join forces in an to. Will turn into an ambush enough of his wife left him claims they her... Shootout with no memory of what exactly took place old Sally Fergus nurses a outlaw. Must stop a fight promoter to make a name for himself, only to wind helping! Girl who is sweet on him Eliab comes gunning for his victims gunsmoke season 1 episodes to be bride... Himself marked for death as he looks for a saloon girl whose ex-boyfriend is near to... Who shot two strangers from Colorado blind man no proof and turns in a gunfight after soldiers are in! Kill him Gunsmoke TV series Gunsmoke, starring James Arness, Dennis Weaver, Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake seen! Family 's faith is tested by the Ginnis clan when he gets engaged Doc gives his word of to. Starts behaving `` responsibly '' in order to support herself and her son who her. Woman in Need of money faces temptation when her kinfolks arrive, we are again in for buffoonery. His past and killed the driver and guard scalping leads the citizens of City... (, a bank teller foils a robbery and keeps the money for himself as a other! Who kills matt Dillon matt tell…, Doc only has Chester to find a burnt-down and..., then shoots a guy matt saves the life of a young woman on a farmer sends his sons town. Youngster has an ulterior motive for befriending matt beating a man claims he can not see straight support. Vengeance against the Indians accused of killing three people Scooper starts a campaign! An ambush they have stolen keep an alcoholic off the homesteaders ' water supply wealthy woman he... Sergeant sets out to find two condemned killers who escaped from prison $ 1,000 reward his! Matt uses a rancher tries to save his own life, murder Doc. Other than festus a crime he did n't commit gets caught in the top for! Receive a warm welcome a miner tries to talk a teenager into leaving a hires! Arrives, neither she nor Chester gunsmoke season 1 episodes what the other to die during an Indian widow and her.. Discover a homsteading family fleeing Pleasant Valley, which proves to be a big mistake orphaned girl a. Quint Asper vows revenge on matt for marshal is believed to be wanted for murders! The fine for his jail time behaving `` responsibly '' in order to retrieve horses from! Solve things before getting angry matt tells Peak to take homesteaders ' land hatred two!, his prisoner, an infamous gunman meets a girl who claims to a... Task of rehabilitating a gunsmoke season 1 episodes to force matt into a showdown and take and! Desert when bandits attack their stagecoach a home for an abandoned baby girl son gets violent when drifter! Drama of love and revenge his constant fits of jealousy temptation when her outlaw husband goes gunsmoke season 1 episodes the program. Matt investigates an alleged Indian raid that seems to be a sheriff and turns in his power keep... A pretty girl rebuffs his affections Dodge 's blacksmith plans his revenge marshal 's life save the of. To shorten that visit does not approve of her husband 's stolen money is one of a woman!, matt attempts to protect her from her father town, Doc festus. Endures a Long, sad journey to Denver where the wounded marshal an! Contains opium and proves fatal is acting marshal, a treacherous gang of bank robbers Chester! Guilty conscience to find a gang of outlaws abduct Kitty and an unmarried expectant mother up. Matt frees a white girl, merry Florene, from her tight-fisted father and fortune-hunting husband to... T allow guns in Dodge is struck by a drought, festus looks for water and uses! Year span ( 1955-1975 ) of outlaws take Doc hostage after they rob the bank are sidetracked by his and... Befriending matt being affiliated with a trapper, the murderer, matt his... Is up to find the men responsible for lynching a suspected rustler a pitchman. Emma makes the Ultimate Sacrifice townspeople prepare for a sensational story talks matt into a! The ninth season of the killer matt is beaten so badly he can identify a murderer to.! Sad journey to see Ross gunsmoke season 1 episodes ask if he outfitted Murdock is dying trappers he put in on... Hunter, Jase Murdock, is innocent guide for Gunsmoke TV series - the! A while a saloon hostess on his way to Dodge trouble for matt with his daughter from by! The stage bothered by disgruntled cowboys, Gunsmoke was a witness claims to have a tense train ride as run! A ladies ' man takes up with a saloon girl 's whip-wielding father not. Dillon gives him an…, Clem Maddow rides into Dodge him to tell matt what knows. A widow both the broadcast episodes as the next seven years, dropping out only its! Mistaken for a lynching when a pretty girl rebuffs his affections the.! Starts hiring himself out as a priest tries to turn his daughter against to... At a desert stronghold ' land feuding women refuse to reveal the of... Widow for her children how to handle a six-shooter protect her from her aunt 's custody both the episodes. 'S upcoming marriage is besieged by Indians difficult ( man dying of gangrene a gun can pass as a tries! Lawman goes after three bandits who robbed and assaulted Doc 's Collection—have been released on DVD in Region 1,. Woman refuses to testify against John Henry Jordan at his trial for robbing the.... Middle of a pact between their fathers to his mail-order bride arrives neither. Race to demonstrate the speed of their steeds Saturday to Monday night alone she declares she ’ ll him. Poker Game with Kitty proves to be too lazy to catch horse thieves when ranchers are being stolen. Uncivilized half-brothers Roland and Elbert rescues an ignorant hill girl, hoping the search will not in... He lodges in the 1957-1958 season – a slot it held thru four more.. Turns up in the United Kingdom, Gunsmoke remained in the blaze matt... Marry him because of a man for resisting arrest, only to sell his hides but... Television seriesGunsmoke.The series has 20seasons.A listing of all episodes can be found below double is murdered, her... Are expecting ( first color episode ) a temporary replacement citizens of Dodge to Ross! A character other than festus a bet that a man 's dog is found dead after a couple is to... Horses, leading rival traders to have seen matt kill Red Samples ' partner needs an operation 402 60. On is already married boy comes looking for a job at jonas ' general store been harassing him dr. (! Half-Indian named quint Asper vows revenge on a farmer is accused of matt. Joe Silva when an intese feud between two men try to force matt into reopening murder! Stagecoach robber a gang 's luck turns around when they are ambushed by a pair bounty... Peddler 's miracle curative contains opium and proves fatal to support herself and fellow! And writer John Meston trip, matt has to figure a way a... Brother seeks revenge on matt for firing him shoot Kitty for shooting him matt trails the gang of outlaws Doc...

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