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II He crossed the Hellespont and made his way through the very tribes traversed by the Persian (1) with his multitudinous equipment in former days, and the march which cost the barbarian a year was accomplished by Agesilaus in less than a single month. ↑ I Kings 20:10–11. Plutarch quotes a writer called Theopompus, who said that Agesilaus bribed the Thebans into leaving (Agesilaus 32). Context: Agesilaus the Great’s answer to being asked how he fostered such a famous reputation. Rows: 1 - … Fifth-century hoplite. Agesilaus in Egypt in 361 BC at the head of a mercenary force to aid king Nectanebo I and his regent Teos against Persia. Eurypontid king of the Ancient Greek city-state of Sparta, ruling from approximately 400 BC to 360 BC. ↑ Attributed to no one in particular in Plutarch's Life of Lycurgus, to Agesilaus II in Plutarch's Life of Agesilaus, and to Pleistarchus in the Apophthegmata Laconica of the Moralia. Agesilaus was born in the Eurypontid family, one of the two royal dynasties of Sparta, in 444/443, as the second son of king Archidamus II (477-426). He succeeded Agis II with aid from Lysander . At the time that he assumed power, Sparta, which had defeated Athens in 404, was at war with Persia in Asia Minor . King Agesilaus II was a famed Spartan king renowned for his fearlessness and wit. ↑ Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae Book IV, 138d; Book XII, 518e; trans. However, the Spartans had lost control of the territory of Messene, which had financially underpinned their whole way of life. Agesilaus was a son of the Spartan king Archidamus II. Agesilaus II, or Agesilaos II (Ancient Greek: Ἀγησίλαος) (444 BC – 360 BC) was a king of Sparta, of the Eurypontid dynasty, ruling from approximately 400 BC to 360 BC, during most of which time he was, in Plutarch's words, "as good as thought commander and king of all Greece," and was for the whole of it greatly identified with his country's deeds and fortunes. After the painting by Ambrose Dudley, (1867-1951). Agesilaus Quotes Quotes tagged as "agesilaus" Showing 1-3 of 3 “But the Lacedaemonians, who make it their first principle of action to serve their country's interest, know not any thing to be just or unjust by any measure but that.” If I have done any honorable... quote by Agesilaus II. Sage Quotes Team Load More is an outlet for sharing high-impact ideas from some of the greatest minds of our time (and times gone by) - professionals, writers, psychologists, philosophers, theologians, economists, and the like. Agesilaus II, c. 444 – c. 360 BC. Agesilaus was born into the Eurypontid house (one of the two royal families of Sparta) and was the son of King Archidamus II. Agesilaus was not in the direct line of succession after his elder brother King Agis II died, but the powerful military commander Lysander contrived to have Agis's son disqualified as a bastard fathered by Alcibiades and engineered Agesilaus's election as king about 399. Contrary to his short, unimposing frame Agesilaus was a ferocious warrior who, if he was in an Age of Empires game, would almost certainly have the ability to instantly level up any … Agesilaus' elder half-brother was Agis II, whose reign started in 426 and lasted until 400.. Agis' normal successor would have been his son Leotychidas, but he was generally considered to be a child of … Love Quotes; Inspirational Quotes; Determination Quotes; Poetry Quotes; Teamwork Quotes; Sports Quotes; QUOTATIONS by AUTHOR: Books by and about Agesilaus II Click this icon to engrave the quote on mugs, bookmarks, t-shirts and much more. quotes and sayings of Agesilaus II: Royalty consists not in vain pomp, but in great virtues Read all the top quotes by Agesilaus II. Agesilaus refused to accept this loss and so continued the war against Thebes.

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